Vision & Mission

Our mission is to share God’s radical hospitality among global neighbors.

A vision of a new model for ministry: sacramental, incarnational & sustainable

Community of Faith: God has placed on our hearts a mission of healing friendship among global neighbors; we believe that this kind of friendship is a powerful way to witness to the good news. Sharing in God’s hospitality is a mutual practice; settled Minnesotans and new-comers alike both have something to give and something to receive in God’s community. Among our three circles of mission, the community of faith comes first; it is only together, with a diversity of cultural insights, life stories, and faithful witnesses that we can move forward to follow God in mission. We imagine a community of shared and multicultural leadership that equips people with the spiritual and practical tools to live in God’s mission day to day. As a local community of Christian faith, the Hostel for Seeking Souls would be shaped by the rhythms of dwelling in God’s Word, receiving the sacraments, listening for God’s voice, and sharing our daily lives with our neighbors from near and far.

Asylum Seeker Housing Ministry: We envision a Christian community incarnating God’s hospitality for asylum seekers through the provision of safe and stable housing. We dream that the Hostel for Seeking Souls will create sanctuary in the most literal sense for some of our most vulnerable neighbors. Asylum seekers are those forced to flee their home countries because of persecution and journey to foreign countries seeking a safe place to thrive.  After applying for asylum, it typically takes 5-12 months just to receive permission to work, leaving asylum seekers particularly vulnerable during this time. Stable housing options open to asylum seekers and especially asylum seeking families are in incredibly short supply. With a safe and stable home base to work from, asylum seekers can move forward with their asylum case and their process of healing.

Social Good Enterprise: The ministry described above will be sustained in part through a third space social good enterprise. A “third space” is somewhere in between public space and private space–a social space where business, hospitality, and conversation converge. We dream of opening a profitable third-space business with a mission of sharing hospitality among global neighbors at its heart. We are in an ongoing stage of exploring the best shape for this business to take. We could imagine a travel hostel, a coffee shop, or a global marketplace, but ultimately the shape of this social enterprise will depend on the needs we hear from neighbors. Whatever kind of business comes to fruition, it will be designed to bless our neighbors and champion the cause of immigrants, all while generating resources to strengthen the Hostel for Seeking Souls’ mission.