It’s Mother’s Day for immigrants too.

Photo by Mauricio Artieda on Unsplash

Tomorrow is my first Mother’s Day since my son was born last year. They told me becoming a parent would change everything, and they were right.

One of the big changes for me: now, when I hear stories of parents making impossible choices to find safety for their kids, I can’t look away.

Holding my newborn son, God worked a change in my heart. Stories that before had seemed to me like tragic, faraway stories came home to land. What if I had to choose for my child between the danger of home and the danger of the refugee highway? What if I were forced to leave my babe to flee, or to send him away to seek his own safety? What if someone took my baby away from me because I had crossed a border?

I do not have to make those choices, face those realities, but migrant mothers are living with them every day.

This week, we’re praying God’s blessings for them. We’re asking God to make a change in our hearts and in the world until every mother and babe can live safely.

I hope you’ll make prayer for migrant mothers a part of your celebration this week

We are praying this Sunday, May 10, at 12:30 pm, and you are invited.

Click this link to join.

In the Spirit,
Bethany Ringdal

P.S. We’re at the end of our 4 weeks of pre-scheduled prayer time, and we’re wondering what time/day would work best for our community. Let me know what times work for you! 

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