Hostel for Seeking Souls joins IAFR

We are very excited to share some long overdue news with you all today. 

Just over 1 year ago, Bethany Ringdal and Jason Lukis joined forces to explore a dream of a three-part ministry: a Christian community of faith, asylum seeker housing, and a mission-driven business, focused around a mission to share God’s radical hospitality among global neighbors. 

We spent the first 9 months in an exploration phase—building relationships and understanding the lay of the land of work with asylum seekers in our community. Over the summer it became clear that we were ready to move from exploration to action, starting with the asylum seeker housing part of the work. 

At the beginning of our exploration, we had thought we would have to build a ministry like this from scratch, but we were wrong. God had already planted ministry partners for us—a locally deployed team from the ecumenical non-profit International Association for Refugees working on their Jonathan House ministry, which currently houses and holistically supports nine asylum seekers in two houses in St. Paul.

As the name suggests, the International Association for Refugees operates internationally along the refugee highway with contextualized expressions of their mission to help people survive and recover from forced displacement. IAFR’s values include collaboration, long-term relationships, and partnerships with both refugee and host-country churches. As we got to know each other, God revealed a beautiful resonance between our mission and theirs. 

We originally considered a programmatic partnership, but eventually God’s guidance led us instead to join the Twin Cities IAFR team as locally deployed missionaries. The arrangement reflects our shared value of reciprocity: IAFR is supporting the next steps towards the Hostel for Seeking Souls’ vision, and the two of us have come on board to support and expand the ministry of Jonathan House. Our developing roles will be split between these two overlapping ministries. Jason is taking on the role of Church Engagement and Development Lead, and Bethany is continuing her work under the titles of Ministry Networker and Pastoral Lead.


As is quite common for missionaries, we are responsible for raising our own salaries. We invite you to consider how God is speaking to you as you hear about this unfolding work. Do you sense an invitation to support what God is doing through us? If so, you can support us through IAFR’s webpage or below through our individual donation portals.


Bethany Ringdal
Ministry Networker and
Pastoral Lead

Rev. Jason Lukis
Church Engagement and
Development Lead

Finally, since God has gracefully interwoven our work with that of IAFR Jonathan House, we ask that you would prayerfully consider supporting the Jonathan House Give MN campaign. We have an ambitious goal for this campaign – to fully support the two existing Jonathan House sites and begin building towards a third site in connection with Hostel for Seeking Souls. More information on this campaign is coming just around the corner.