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Pastor Jason Lukis and Mission Explorer Bethany Ringdal spent time in February praying at the border wall in Tijuana.

Dear Friends,

We’re one week into “Oh, this is serious” about this virus, and already I’m wishing for something else to think about. (It is serious. Please be safe. But still.) I’ve gotten e-mails from every organization I’ve ever connected with (the eye doctor from two towns ago?!?) about their COVID-19 response. YEESH.

I’m here to tell you: there are other things happening in the world. God is still at work. I want to give you a brief update on the Hostel for Seeking Souls project and ask for your continued prayers. 7 months in, we’re still busy learning and exploring. 

a few things we’ve learned so far

  • There is a real hunger for a multicultural community of faith that teaches the spiritual practice of holy friendship across cultures.

  • The specific need of housing for asylum seekers is very real, and the organizations already addressing this need are eager for more partners.

  • The Lutheran community has energy and resources to address the needs of immigrants, but new leadership and connective tissue is required to help bring these resources and needs together.

  • A travel hostel is probably not the right fit–but we’re still  dedicated to the vision of building a mission-driven business to help support the sustainability of this work.

We’ve learned a lot, but God has been nudging us to keep exploring. Questions like where and with whom are still lingering. Our main work right now is to identify a tangible entry point for this vision. 

Here’s a list of what we need to move forward and what we have to offer. Please read this and consider how you might be able to help meet any of these needs.  Do you know an organization or person who can? And who do you know that might be blessed by connecting with the Hostel for Seeking Souls?

Needs of the Hostel for Seeking Souls

  • A neighborhood with a multicultural and immigrant-friendly DNA
  • A host church with immigrant leaders and/or connections
  • Partnerships with organizations and congregations with missional alignment
  • Space, including meeting space, housing space, and retail space (not necessarily in the same physical location)
  • Networks including introductions to immigrant faith leaders and people hungry to build a cross-cultural family of faith
  • Prayers that our immigrant friends would be safe and well and that God’s will would be done in this work.

Assets of the Hostel for Seeking Souls

  • Our mission including multicultural community, supporting asylum seekers, and evangelism
  • Our learning: as we innovate, we desire to share what we learn
  • Our networks including the ELCA and the asylum support community
  • Our leadership as connective tissue in building multicultural power in solidarity with immigrants.
  • A plan for developing a faithful community of global neighbors learning the spiritual practice of holy friendship.

Let us know: how and where might God be paving a way for these needs be met? 

Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus,
Bethany Ringdal and Pr. Jason Lukis

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